Uncle Mike.

Conceived by an expert in the financial industry Uncle Mike has been created to change the way people think about investments. The industry has made investing seem overly complex but it doesn't need to be that way. By creating a playful brand, using the right tone of voice and debunking common investment misconceptions Uncle Mike is positioned to guide people through their investments.

Computer screen showing the Uncle Mike homepage

Creating Mike.

After running some initial workshops it was obvious the way the information was delivered was key. It needed to be easy to digest, uncomplex and relocatable. One of the key stakeholders main source of financial advise when growing up was from his Uncle Mike. We decided to roll with this and create a new Uncle Mike, an unbiased, trustworthy, adventurer who can help guide you through your investment journey.

2 images of Uncle Mike on his adventures
Uncle Mike character holding a lantern


A simplistic, interesting, playful logo was required to match the goals of Uncle Mike. It is based on a simple form factor with some subtle intricate details again in reference to the nature of the site. Living prominently online the logo has been designed to work well across digital devices of all shapes and sizes.

Uncle Mike logo on map style background
LClose up of mob phone and the uncle mike webpage and a detail from the Uncle Mike brand guidelines

Positive feeling.

With the aim to be to supply information in a trustworthy, friendly manor colour choice is important. The colour palette has been developed with this in mind. The final selected colours are inspired by colour psychology, nature, travel and adventure. The strong use of orange relates to a positive ‘gut feeling’, Purple represents the future, Red is for strength and power, and green is emotionally positive.

Uncle Mike colour pallette
Uncle Mike characters and colour pallette
Looking at the uncle mike webste on an iPad
Uncle Mike adventure badge detail
Image of a magazine created for Uncle Mike

Tracking Mike.

The Uncle Mike journey has only just begun. Currently in Beta testing using a combination of different analytics, heat mapping and other data capture services we are keeping track of how people are interacting with the site, where they are coming from and where they are going. Using a combination of this data and investment Uncle Mike will be further developed later this year.

Image Uncle Mike wearing a backpack awith his thumbs up
2 images of Uncle Mike on his adventures
3 mobile phones displaying the uncle mike site